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Tue, Jul 23



Pittsburgh Black Pride & The Penn Hills Library present Q & A "ALL ABOUT VOTING"

Come to the Library and get registered, ask questions, get answers. Learn about mail in ballots. Free food and beverages. Don't let fake news be your guide. Get facts! Speakers are (LWV,B-PEP,1HOOD). Surveys prizes for filling out the survey and raffles!

Pittsburgh Black Pride & The Penn Hills Library present Q & A "ALL ABOUT VOTING"
Pittsburgh Black Pride & The Penn Hills Library present Q & A "ALL ABOUT VOTING"

Time & Location

Jul 23, 2024, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Pittsburgh, 1037 Stotler Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235, USA

About the event

We are excited to answer questions about things that concern YOU.

Reasons you don't vote?

Can you vote if you did time in jail?

Election Cycles

How often do we vote for president?

How often do we vote for senators?

How often do we vote for representatives?

What is a general election?

What is a midterm election?

Election Processes

What is the electoral college?

If a presidential candidate wins the popular vote, do they become president?

What happens if there is a tie in a presidential election?

In the context of elections, what is a delegate? What is a superdelegate?

How many votes does a candidate need from the electoral college to become president?

Who chooses the vice-presidential candidate?

The Ballot

What does “incumbent” mean?

What does it mean to be an ‘independent” candidate?

What does “straight-ticket” or “straight-party” voting mean?

Is your vote secret?

What is an absentee ballot?

Key Terms and Distinctions

What is the difference between a general election and a primary?

What is the difference between an election and a referendum?

What types of public officials are appointed instead of elected?

What does the term “popular vote” mean?

What does the term “swing state” mean?

What is the difference between a caucus and a primary?

The Act of Voting

What government agency in your state is responsible for holding elections?

Who is allowed to vote in the U.S.? Can you think of exceptions?

If you’re a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 traveling in another country during an election, can you still vote? How?

What things do voters need to register in your state? Bonus: where and when can citizens register to vote?

Is voting mandatory in the U.S.?

Open-ended Questions

What are some basic voter responsibilities and duties?

Do you think presidential debates are helpful? Why or why not?

Is voting the only way citizens shape government policies? How might citizens help change government policy in between elections?

Do you think each vote really counts? Why or why not?

Why do you think instances of voter fraud are so low in the U.S.?

How could the voting process be improved?

Do you think voting should be mandatory?

Do you think 18 is the right age to be able to vote? Why or why not?

Should the U.S. get rid of the electoral college? Why or why not?

Describe the process of running for president in the U.S.

Why are campaign finance laws so important in elections?

What do you think would make politics less divisive for the country?

How do you think the U.S. could get higher voter turnout?






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